Leadership Keynote




Matt Hart's 60-minute keynote presentation, "Ready, Aim, Fire!", is designed to inspire and to motivate leaders.  You will gain insight into great leaders and great organizations, and you will learn the tools to make you a better leader.

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Custom-built Leadership Training

Lead with Hart's custom-built leadership programs are designed to take you and your organization to an entirely new level.  From half-day to multi-day training, Lead with Hart will tailor your leadership program to build your leaders and build your organization.

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Communications Training

Lead with Hart provides communications training that will leave you confident and ready to talk with your team, your customers, or even the media.

Options range from 60-minute training modules to a full-day of communications training with video for each of your team members (up to 12 participants).

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Leadership with Integrity, Intentionality, and Intensity

Lead with Hart is an organization that exists to serve leaders.  Our desire is to help you and your organization realize your full potential and beyond.

Matt Hart is a leadership expert that continually meets with great leaders across the country.  When you study leaders and meet with great leaders, you begin to see certain patterns develop.

In his research, Hart has discovered that great leaders (and great organizations) demonstrate excellence in three key areas: integrity, intentionality, and intensity.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your organization to unpack these leadership lessons and to help you excel as a leader.



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To schedule a leadership keynote, custom-built leadership training, or communications training contact Lead with Hart today at leadwithhart@gmail.com.