Our Approach

Leadership is hard.  We're here to help.

Lead with Hart is an organization formed to serve leaders.  Our approach to leadership focuses on personal relationships and the three keys to leading: integrity, intentionality, and intensity.

Our Story

Lead with Hart's founder, Matt Hart, has a passion for people and a passion for leadership.  He is constantly talking to leaders and learning from leaders about their success, their failure, and their personal journeys.

Our leadership and communications training is a valuable tool for you and your team and we strive to make you a better leader and to take your organization to a whole new level.

Meet Matt Hart

There are two things that drive Matt Hart in his professional life: People and Leadership.  Lead with Hart is an organization designed to serve leaders and their organizations.

Matt Hart


"Early on in my career, I learned that I have a passion for people and I have a passion for leadership.  Lead with Hart was formed to serve those that are called to lead."

Next Steps...

To learn more about our Leadership Keynote Presentation, Custom-built Leadership Training, or Communications Training contact us today at leadwithhart@gmail.com