What is the Leadership Keynote Presentation?

"Ready, Aim, Fire!" is an intense, 60-minute leadership experience given by Matt Hart that draws upon the experiences of dozens of leaders from business, politics, athletics, and Hart's own leadership experience.  This presentation is designed to inspire and to ignite your leadership team.

What is the Custom-built Leadership Training?

Lead with Hart will meet with you to tailor a specific set of presentations and exercises to help you and your organization reach your goals.  Depending on your needs, training ranges from a half-day to a multi-day leadership training event.

What is the Communications Training?

Great leaders are also effective communicators.  Lead with Hart offers several communications training options, including a one-day communications training that includes a video for each participant.  Other options include two different 60-minute communications presentations:

The Secret Formula for Great Presentations & Speeches; or

Communicating within your Organization & Preparing for Communication with the Media.