One Minute Can Make All the Difference

So I’m pulling out of a gas station this morning onto one of our city’s busiest streets. Before entering the busy street, I look to my right and I look to my left. To my left, I see an older woman walking and she is nearing my lane of traffic. She’s not on a sidewalk and she’s not entering a crosswalk, but she needs to cross the lane where my car is currently sitting. At that moment, I could have proceeded to drive on and to make her wait to cross the street. I could have stayed there and I could have chosen to get upset because after all, she’s not on the sidewalk and she’s not using the crosswalk. I could chose to get upset because she’s probably going to walk in front of my car and delay me in my trip to work.

But instead, I did three things. First, I stopped my car giving her plenty of space to walk. Second, I gave her a little waive so as to say, “go ahead and cross.” I could have ended it there, but then I did one more thing: I smiled.

After she paused to see that I was allowing her to proceed, she waived. And then she smiled. She proceeded to walk across my lane of traffic and as she passed in front of me, she smiled once more and waived a second time so as to say, “thank you.”

I could have ignored this woman on my way to work. I could have pulled out in front of her so as to move along and to get to work. But by taking just one minute, two strangers were able to have a better morning and they were able to exchange two smiles and two waives. I hope that the lady got to her destination and talked about how some motorist took the time to let her cross the street this morning. And I hope that you have benefitted from knowing the power of taking just one minute to be kind to someone; and perhaps this will even inspire you to take one minute from your day to open a door for someone, to let someone go ahead of you in line, or to offer a smile to a stranger. It could make their day…and it just might make YOUR day, too.

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